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The rover75.me.uk website was originally set up to sell the non-genuine badges that I produced. After producing badges for the Rover 75 Saloon & Tourer and the MG ZT/ZT-T, I have decided to trim down which badges I produce.
Please note that these badges are Non-Genuine and may differ from the original Rover/MG Rover badges slightly.
The badges were created by printing onto a self adhesive polyester backing, which were then precision cut to the required shape.  A crystal-clear liquid plastic was then applied to the surface and it formed a 3D domed effect (the scientific term is a meniscus).  When the plastic cures, the result is a clear, non-scratch lens over the front of the badge.  The inks used were UV stable, and the clear dome also offers some UV protection, so fading is reduced as much as possible.

Original Saloon Badge Original Saloon Badge
Original Viking Ship (Saloon)
Original viking ship design badge for the Rover 75 Saloon. [PreFacelift Design]
These are 30mm at the widest point, and are designed to fit the post project drive cars.

£6.20 each including UK postage

Union Wheel Centre Badges Union Wheel Centre Badges
Union Wheel Centre Badges
Set of 4 centre cap badges, original viking ship design to suit the Union style wheels.
[Part Numbers: DTC10063 / DTC10064 / DTC100630 / DTC100640], but may fit other wheel centres. Please note: the wheel centre caps are not included.

£13.20 per set including UK postage

Original Tourer Badge Original Tourer Badge
Original Viking Ship (Tourer)
Original viking ship design badge for the Rover 75 Tourer (Estate). [PreFacelift Design]
These are 36mm at the widest point.

£7.20 each including UK postage

Customer Testimonials

Hi, I just received and fitted the rear badge to my Mk1 Tourer. Very pleased with the result as it has made a major improvement - I had forgotten what it should look like!
S.G., Jersey.

To say a big thank you for a very good quality badge received and fitted today, the car now looks beautiful, thanks a lot, great job.
M., Nottingham.

Received mine last week, I am really pleased. Many thanks
T., Erlangen.

Badge arrived and already fitted - looks much better than the old faded one. Cheers
P., Redditch.

Looks much better now! Many thanks...
M., Pembroke.

Received the badge today, looks great on the car. Thank you.
D.L., Brighton.

These badges are real quality and i can highly recommend them for the money totally changed the rear of the car.
Cheers Richard im really pleased with it.
C.P., Sunderland

Richard - thx for the Rover 75 Badge - perfect!
M.D., via text message

Thanks for sending the badges. I have just fitted one and it looks good.
A.H, Cambridgeshire

The badge has arrived today and looks far better than the remnants that where there before :) Thank you very much.
M.I., via email

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