The Moon Club
Moon Club? What's this?

Well, it's something that has been set up by a respected member of The Rover 75 and MG ZT Owners Club for cars that have travelled the distance to the moon (well the distance that the moon is closest to the earth) of 225,623 miles.

My trusty 75 managed to become a member of the fairly exclusive club on Wednesday 8th March 2017.

My Rover 75 CDT Tourer came off the production line on Monday 10th January 2005, so it has taken just over 12 years to reach this mileage.

If you don't believe me, then here is the proof:
Proof of the mileage

For more information, why not pop over to The Rover 75 and MG ZT Owners Club forum and see who else has joined the Moon Club  (Click here to go to the correct post)

Just for reference, (as taken from
The moon's orbit around Earth is elliptical.
At perigee - its closest approach - the moon comes as close as 225,623 miles (363,104 kilometers).
At apogee - the farthest away it gets - the moon is 252,088 miles (405,696 km) from Earth.
On average, the distance from Earth to the moon is about 238,855 miles (384,400 km).
However, the moon is moving away from Earth at a rate of about 1.5 inches (4 cm) per year.
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